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Stephanie Riera – Speech and language therapist, MSc, Predoctoral researcher

Stephanie Riera is a Speech Language Therapist (SLT) graduated by University Autonomous of Barcelona (UAB). She studied abroad within exchange programmes at the City University of London and SDSU (San Diego State University). During her stay at SDSU she started in the research field in a Bilingualism group led by Dr.Henrike Blumenfeld. She completed her specialization on dysphagia at Moore’s Cancer Center under the guidance of Liza Blumenfeld.

In 2019 she completed a Masters in Clinical research Applied in Health Sciences (ICACS) of UAB-H.Sant Pau led by Dr.Xavier Bonfill.
From 2018 until 2023 she has been part as a clinical and research SLT of the research lab on Gastroenterology led by Dr.Pere Clavé, and is conducting her PhD on clinical Diagnosis of Dysphagia directed by Dr.Clavé within the UAB Faculty of Surgery and Morphological Sciences.

Riera has also been part of the ESSD as a member and as part of the office from 2018 until 2022. And collaborated as a professor in the Dysphagia Masters and Postgrad diploma of the ESSD-H.de Mataró, and as a casual professor in the Dysphagia Masters of Trinity College coordinated by Dr.Margaret Walshe.

She is an associate professor of UAB and coordinates an online practicum on dysphagia for SLT students. During her work in Mataró, she started a collaboration, together with Dr.Clavé, with the UAB to have internship SLT students at the hospital.

She is part of the Motoneuron Unit in Hospital de Bellvitge led by Dr. Mònica Povedano since November 2022, where she performs Videofluoroscopy studies (VFS) to have a proper diagnosis of dysphagia.

ORCID number: 0000-0003-4477-1248