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Albert Muñoz Vendrell

Neurologist - Predoctoral Researcher

Albert Muñoz Vendrell currently works as a neurologist and clinical researcher in the Multiple Sclerosis Unit and Headache Unit at the Bellvitge Hospital. He has participated in research projects in several headache units, including Hospital Vall d'Hebrón, Hospital de Viladecans, and Hospital de Bellvitge. Additionally, he is focused on his doctoral thesis concerning treatments for trigeminal neuralgia. He has also received training in Neuro-ophthalmology and is currently part of the multidisciplinary Neuro-ophthalmology team at Bellvitge Hospital. Albert actively participates in the study groups for Headaches, Demyelinating Diseases, and Neuro-ophthalmology within the Spanish Society of Neurology, as well as the Headache and Demyelinating Groups within the Catalan Society of Neurology.